. Ajuda Masterplan | Lisbon, Portugal .


Academic Project | FA-UTL


The Ajuda masterplan covers an area of Lisbon between Belém and Alcantara. 

The concept for the project is to create a modern urban quarter at the heart of Ajuda as a dynamic new civic destination. The masterplan will provide new public spaces, housing, coworking spaces, retail stores, event spaces, pedestrian and cycle routes and prominent new buildings. 

Ajuda is nowadays seen as an aged and forgotten area of Lisbon however, since the new University Campus was built, this has opened new opportunities to reconvert this area into a new attractive young and dynamic educational cluster in the city. 

The mixed-use blocks, mainly residential for students and university's employees, will have spaces for start-up companies, university exhibitions and social activities in order to enhance the social interaction. Nevertheless to exploit the location potential in a larger scale the new urban quarter is directly connected to the Ajuda Palace main entrance programmatically (auditorium, multi-purpose spaces, and meeting rooms) and physically through the public space redesign, appealing to a wider, interesting and dynamic experience, unifying/merging the cultural heritage with a new educational cluster in the city of Lisbon.


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