. Alcântara, Lisboa | Masterplan .


Academic Project | FA-UTL

in collaboration with João Torres


The new Alcântara master plan project brings a new spacial organization, transportation strategy and urban consolidation. 

The project intends to preserve the industrial identity by using the old factories for cultural and artistic programs, events and typologies.

It follows a logical extension and consolidation of the cultural axis along the city waterfront. 

It was proposed an underground integrated infrastructural tunnel which contains transportation lines (roads, metro and train) + metro and train stations 

releasing the public space on the surface. These stations are directly connected to the Alcantara central square.

 The new inter modal station (metro and railway) which connects the two separate lines (Alcântara-Terra and Alcântara-Mar stations) and also the line of merchandise from the Lisbon's port, providing better performance and development of the container terminal of the Port of Lisbon Alcântara.


Pedro Sepulveda Nunes 2019 Architecture Portfolio Website