. Benfica Public Library | Lisbon, Portugal .


Academic Project | FA-UTL


This project proposes a new Public Library for Benfica, Lisboa. The building site is attach to a public garden called Jardim Silva Porto currently in disuse/abandoned.

The main idea is to create a programmatic connection between the library and the garden giving it a new meaning and a new life.

It’s proposed on the lease area the main library building and along the park modular reading points throughout all the garden paths.

This way, merging the garden with the library the park takes a different dimension capable to bring new activities and uses into it at the same time this can also enhance the library spaces, relation exterior-interior, programmatic activities and different uses.

The park contains an exterior playground for kids at the top, library containers along the park, exhibition spaces, classrooms, workshop areas, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, restaurant and a cafeteria, in order to offer a new park and learning space to the city. 


Pedro Sepulveda Nunes 2019 Architecture Portfolio Website