. LX Factory | Cultural Cluster | Final Master Thesis .


Final Master Thesis | Alcântara, Lisboa, Portugal | FA-UTL


The academic final Master Thesis focuses on the "Reconversion of industrial areas through the Arts and Culture".

The designated area for this project is Alcantara an industrial area located on Lisbon's riverside which has been used specially for artistic events, nightlife clubs and start-up companies called now as LX Factory.  

It is proposed a regeneration urban plan which runs through different scales and focuses on the LX Factory's surrounding areas, these areas are currently unoccupied, resulting on an urban void in the city. The LX Factory area is currently isolated within walls from the city resulting on an disconnected "island" which should be opened to the city and seen as part of it. The presented solution aims to dynamize this area through a programmatic extension of the LX Factory, connecting the old and new, creating the most dynamic and attractive artistic and cultural cluster in Lisbon.


Pedro Sepulveda Nunes 2019 Architecture Portfolio Website