. Pladur Pilgrim Shelter | International Competition _ XXI Edition .


1st Local Place | San Pedro Martir, Santiago Compostela, Spain

in collaboration with João Torres, Mariana Santana & Teresa Ferreira


The XXI Pladur Competition launched on 2011 was a student competition looking for new and creative architectural ideas with integrated Pladur solutions under the theme "Pilgrim Shelter". Located between Santiago de Compostela and Finisterra the idea to create a modular and flexible space that can be multiplied along different pilgrim paths and adjusted according with the local conditions and needs was the first big intention for this project.

The shelter (home) which is seen as a place to have a break, rest and recover is physically separated from a vertical volume for meditation and reflection.

"A box inside a box" was the main conceptual idea for the constructive solution developed for the Pladur interior cladding inside the concrete shell which brings multiple benefits in terms of acoustics, thermic performance and sustainability.   

The natural light on each space is entirely related with the ambient and activities proposed and takes an huge importance due to his symbolism on the meditation/reflection space. We're aiming to create not just a shelter but conditions for the pilgrims to transcend their limits and finish their journeys.


Pedro Sepulveda Nunes 2019 Architecture Portfolio Website